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Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.

                                                                       ~Pablo Picasso

IArt by Juan Carlos Torres Gonzalez

Juan Carlos Torres Gonzalez
Juan Carlos Torres Gonzalez

Juan Carlos Torres Gonzalez is an established muralist in Mexico City and in

Chicago, committed to his passion for art and the pursuit of its meaning.  His work has been recently exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art located in the thriving Pilsen community in Chicago. His permanent installations are included in his collections at the National Anthropology and History Institute in Mexico City (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia), Corazon Youth Center in Cicero and numerous restaurants in Chicago. 

Art by Carlos Banda

Carlos banda
Carlos Banda

Born in Chicago, IL., Carlos Banda regularly creates publicly and privately commissioned color-inspired, naturalistic and representational works of art. As a self-taught artist, Carlos has been creating art since the age of 14.  He is graduate from Harrington College of Design and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design.  Carlos' work consists of oil, acrylic, water color, etching, and screen printing.  he has exhibited his works in numerous shows as well as solos shows in Oak Park, IL.  Carlos finds excitement in every project he works on and feels proud to be a part of the creative artist community of Oak Park and Chicago. 

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